Voice & Accent en "Frank Stein Studio", Barcelona



• The course is highly practical throughout and with enough practise for change to begin to happen.

• To maximise practice time, there will be a mix of small group, pair and solo practice, closely monitored by Stevie Rickard. • There will be an absence of technical language and jargon. Phonetic symbols will only be used to help the group better able to use dictionaries for self-study.• The work will be applied extensively to appropriate pieces of script• Guidance will be given for ongoing self-study and development outside the workshop.• An initial, practical exercise to reveal skill levels will enable Stevie Rickard to establish priorities for the group.• Full use would be made of the camera operator provided. This could include work on awareness of facial setting for certain consonant and vowel sounds.


This course is going to focus on specific ways to improve your pronunciation in English for film and television work.

Consonants – Target sounds are most likely to be vest/best; yes/chess/Jess; teeth/teethe, sip/ship. It will also be useful for the group to find a less dominant R. More advanced students could also work on creating crisper Ts and Ds. Spelling-to-sound study would be included here.

Vowels – We will work on the most problematic vowel sounds for Spanish/Catalan actors, although all 24 vowel sounds could be tweaked if appropriate.

Stress – Word stress and phrase stress are very different in English in comparison with Spanish/Catalan. In particular, word stress is far less predictable. Compound noun and phrasal verb stressing are particularly problematic, as are the variable pronunciations of common function words.• Rhythm – This leads on from stress. Finding the specific ‘bounce’ of English, with its many contractions and irregular alternation of strong and weak syllables is crucial for non-native speakers whose 1st language rhythm works very differently.• Intonation – English vocal musicality is specific and very difficult to that in most Romance languages. Intonation exploration will look at where pitch change happens in phrases and what type of changes signal different speaker intentions.• Elision, assimilation, liaison, linking – How sounds connect in everyday speech is often overlooked in pronunciation training, yet this can make an enormous difference for non-native speakers who want their accent to be less dominant when working in English.• Resonant placement – Aiming the voice forward to the lips, front teeth and chin helps overall vocal flexibility but, specifically, gives the Spanish/Catalan actor the warmer, richer oral sound of English as opposed to their home nasal/throaty sound.


At the end of the course, the actors will be better able to:

  • Demonstrate their unhelpful pronunciation habits in English.
  • Demonstrate corrections of those habits.• Continue to correct those habits consciously for auditions and performance.• Work towards unconscious adoption of new, nearer-native pronunciation habits through new muscle memory.• Develop their own study process for working on scripts.

Dates: October 24th & 25th.


Saturday: 10h - 14h / 16h - 20h Sunday: 10h - 14h / 16h - 20h

Price: NEW STUDENTS: 280 € / Former Students: 260 €


Stevie Rickard is a highly-qualified dialogue coach and voice teacher who has been providing support for performers and non-performers for over 20 years. He has an MA in Voice Studies from Central School of Speech and Drama (the world’s leading qualification in voice). He has taught voice at a number of England's top drama schools – RADA, Central School of Speech and Drama, Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance and at the Young Vic Theatre. He is currently a member of the voice staff at LAMDA and City Lit, and also coaches BBC Radio 4 presenters. Having lived in Spain, he understands the complexities faced by Catalan and Spanish actors when they speak English. We are thrilled that he has agreed to give a course at Frank Stein Studio.


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